Big Oaks Subdivision In Path Of Tornado


SALTILLO, Miss. (WCBI) – A tornado touches down in a Saltillo neighborhood known for its stately homes and popular golf course.

As crews placed blue tarp over the damaged roof, workers were starting to cut up the massive oak tree that was uprooted by the tornado.

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“My wife woke me up and said we have got some problems, we got to our safe place, and the house shook, we heard the glass and a lot of roof shingles and a lot of splattering of the house,” said Dr. David Cole.

A legacy oak fell onto a corner of Doctor David Cole’s home.

Windows facing the golf course were shattered and the gas meter was damaged.

“We were spewing natural gas in the neighborhood for awhile,” he said.

The well known civic leader, who is a past president of ICC, says utility companies were on the scene quickly. Once the sun came up, he was able to survey the damage in his neighbors’ yards, and wait on the insurance adjuster.

Still, he was counting his blessings.

“Glad the sun is shining today and everybody is safe, everything else can be fixed,” Cole said.

Doctor Cole wasn’t sure if he and his wife were going to be able to stay in their home as repairs get underway.