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By Chad Groening

TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) — A Mississippi U.S. senate candidate says he is not surprised members of his own party would just as soon see him lose.

Democrat Bill Marcy addressed Saturday’s meeting of the First Mississippi Congressional District Democratic Executive Committee.

They questioned Marcy about his party loyality, and the fact that he ran as a Republican challenging Congressman Bennie Thompson in 2010 and 2012.

Marcy, who is pro-life and opposes same-sex marriage says as a black Democrat, says he can reach out to Republicans and defeat incumbent Thad Cochran in November.

“And I call these folks not your Republicans or Tea Party folks, these are God and country people,” he said. “People who believe that God is our God almighty and our country has been blessed by God. And that works within the black community as well as the white community. And if we can get the 40 percent black vote to line up with the God and country folks on this other side which they all are, we’re going to win this.”

However, the First District Democrats appeared ready to pass a resolution asking for the removal of Marcy from the Democratic primary.

They then opted to take up the matter at the party’s state meeting in Columbus March 29.

Former Congressman Travis Childers, who just announced his intention to run this week, did not attend Saturday’s gathering.

Marcy says he is not surprised most of those in attendance support Childers.

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