Video: Body Cameras Making A Difference On The Job

MANTACHIE, Miss. (WCBI) – Life with body cameras is what’s made a big difference in a small town’s police department.

If it wasn’t for local organizations donating money for the body cameras, then work would be a lot different for the four full-time officers.

Outfitting officers with extra eyes, recording the truth, and eliminating guess work. Body cams have a been a total game changer for the Mantachie Police Department.

“We didn’t have any before. We couldn’t afford the on-dash cam like most police departments have, that take video from the car, and audio from the car. These put, you get the perspective of what the officer sees,” says Mantachie Police Chief, Mark Roberts.

Each body camera came with a $300 dollar price tag, but Chief Roberts says it’s the cheapest way to cover the city’s liability.

“It’s very beneficial to walk into court, and have both sides say their version of what happened, and then you can pull out this video, and then you actually can see what perspective actually took place.”

The video not only provides a permanent record, but it also serves as a training tool for officers.

“My guys will re-watch what they’re doing out on traffic stops, and notice something that they missed, or something that was said that they didn’t catch, and they kind of review over themselves, and see how they can do stops better the next time,” says Roberts.

Chief Roberts says officers aren’t the aren’t the only ones benefiting from the evidence gathering tool.

“The officers, and for the general public out here. How things have turned the last couple of years, and the view of law enforcement, it’s a great tool to protect everyone involved.”

That’s why Centerville Baptist Church wanted to help their local law enforcement out.

“We looked at this as this something we can do to give back to our local community. We knew it was a good idea for our officers. It’s a good idea for our citizens and for our officers to have cameras. The way I view it is, it protects all of us,” says Pastor Greg Jones.

Chief Roberts says the donations freed up grant money for other officer safety items such as vests, and rifle protectors.

He also says budget money for body cams is tight in both small and large police departments.

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