Brand new wheels come to Louisville Fire Department

WINSTON COUNTY, Miss.(WCBI) – After using a 20-year-old fire truck, the Louisville Fire Department has a new set of wheels.

Priced around 292,000 dollars, this truck holds more of what is needed in the line of duty.

Chief Haynes said the station was getting checked for a rating and actually went down a point due to the 20-year-old fire truck and decided to replace it.

One of the elements they look forward to using is the foam system which helps contain a fire quicker.

“Little bit more storage compartments than the old engine and the old engine too. This whole about 300 gallons more than one. The other one was around 700 and this one a thousand gallons,” said Fire Chief Johnnie Haynes.

Haynes said the new truck will help the city of Louisville and people they cover in the area.

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