‘Break the Chains’ campaign aimed to bring awareness on dangers of chaining animals

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) —  It’s called “Break the Chains”.

It’s an initiative highlighting the dangers of chaining animals. Doll Stanley, Director of In Defense of Animals, is on the forefront for this campaign and said dogs here in mississippi have been the most common cases.

“We just had one dog where the collar had to be surgically removed,” said Stanley. “Sometimes it’s chains that have become embedded in the neck. Can you imagine how that animal suffered for something that has been in there for so long?”

Karen Johnwick, Director of Columbus Lowndes Humane Society, said dogs who have lived a life on a chain, have a hard time finding happiness.

“Most of the dogs that come into our shelter at least, that has been a chained dog, is aggressive and a lot of the times we are not able to rehabilitate and be able to get that animal adopted because it got so many feared issues of different things,” said Johnwick. “New experiences that they probably never experienced just being on a chain.”

To learn more about this campaign, click here.

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