Breaking Down the Ballot: Part Two


WCBI – This year’s ballot is stacked. There’s a whole host of things to vote on.

The presidential race, the U.S. Senate Race, Medical Marijuana, the State Flag… But there’s one issue that you may not be too familiar with.

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It’s called House Concurrent Resolution Number 47, and the wording of this measure can be difficult to understand, so let’s break it down sentence by sentence.

The first line says “This amendment provides that to be elected Governor, or to
any other statewide office, a candidate must receive a
majority of the votes in the general election.”

This is a measure that’s already in place, and that’s not actually what we’re voting on. So let’s keep going.

The second line reads ” If no candidate
receives a majority of the votes, then a runoff election shall
be held as provided by general law.”

Once again, that sounds like a standard procedure, so that must not be what we’re voting on either.

The last line of the measure says “The requirement of
receiving the most votes in a majority of Mississippi House
of Representative’s districts is removed.”

This is the line we’re actually voting on, right here.

So basically, in order to become Governor of Mississippi right now, you have to receive the majority vote *PLUS* the majority vote from the Mississippi House of Representatives districts.

If you vote “yes” on this measure, you’re saying you would like for *JUST THE PEOPLE’s* majority vote to count.

If you vote “NO” on this measure, then you want the state to leave things how they are– where a candidate must receive the majority vote plus the majority vote from the Mississippi House of Representatives.