BREAKING – Noxubee Chancery Clerk Must Pay Back Money


 MACON (WCBI) – The intentions may have been good but the method is illegal according to the State Auditor’s office.  Noxubee County Chancery Clerk Mary Washington has been ordered to pay back nearly $20,000 in tax money meant for county use.  Auditor Shad White says Washington donated the money to multiple churches in Noxubee County


State Auditor Shad White said: “It should go without saying that you can’t use taxpayers’ money to pay your tithe to your church. Elected officials have to use common sense. If you or an organization you belong to is benefiting from your position in the government, and the taxpayers are paying for it, odds are you are doing something wrong. We’re going to continue to make sure money like this is repaid to the taxpayers and officials are held responsible

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. The amount of the demand is $38,555.78 and includes interest and investigative costs.

. The illegal charitable donations took place from January 2010 to December 2012.