More bridge closures for the Magnolia State


BIG CREEK, Miss.(WCBI) – More bridges close this week in Calhoun County causing a huge impact on travelers.

Plans are already in the making to start repairs but travelers says it’s an inconvenience now.

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There are hundreds of county owned bridges in the Magnolia state closed down, and as of yesterday the state added two more to the list.

One just West of Calhoun County and another on Veterans Avenue.

“We have problems all the time anyway. This just combines to the problems. It’s going to be a lot slower moving through there,”said Big Creek farmer Jim Warner.

Warner is a corn farmer in Big Creek. He says it’s not just the inconvenience, there’s safety to consider.

“Roads are narrow and rough and it’s gravel. It’s going to be really dangerous on the roads. Like I said earlier narrow for meeting other vehicles and people aren’t use to driving on a gravel road,”said Warner.

Lawmakers have approved funding to repair both bridges but Warner says he hopes they have a sense of urgency.

“We need some help soon as we can on the other road whatever can be done we really need help,”said Warner.

There hasn’t been a date set for when the County will receive the funds.