Bridges across the state receive funding

CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- The condition of the state’s roads and bridges has been a growing concern for many residents.

But many counties will soon be seeing some improvements.

“It’s a big relief for us,” said County Supervisor Tony Morgan.

On Tuesday, the Mississippi Transportation Commission made a big announcement.

They approved a $250 million project to repair or replace many Mississippi Bridges.

“Found out a couple days ago that they had got some money through the special road fund bridge fund,” said Morgan.

200 bridges are being looked at for the project.

99 of those are already closed.

One of those bridges is Tony Morgan’s.

“It’s really going to help us we’ve got five bridges out maybe in the county, I know the one I got money for has been out for over a year[sic],” said Morgan.

The funding comes as a relief for county supervisors.

“Ain’t no way we could afford to fix them ourselves,” said Morgan.

Morgan told WCBI they aren’t wasting any time getting their projects on the road.

“I talked to our county engineer and we looking at February maybe bidding some of this stuff off, so you look at probably another couple months. I’m thinking maybe June, July, we’ll start seeing some actual work done,” said Morgan.

Calhoun County Residents are ready for work to get started.

“They been in need for repair for a long time. Course with cutbacks and shortage of money they hadn’t been able to repair ’em, but I did see where they had released money where they were going to do some repairs, and I hope they get some bridges right here close to our town because they’re in pretty bad shape[sic],” said David Keeton.

The funding will help counties all across the state, including Chickasaw, Clay, and Oktibbeha Counties.

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