Businesses prepare to sell alcohol after Houston special election


HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) – The sale of alcohol will soon be legal inside the city limits of Houston.  On Tuesday, voters approved a referendum to allow the sale of beer, light wine and liquor and spirits.

Anna Camarillo has worked at “No Way Jose” Tex Mex restaurant for more than four years and said many customers have a request the restaurant hasn’t been able to fulfill.

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“People from out of state, out of country come here, and asks, can I get a margarita, and we don’t have it, so we have to turn them down for that,” said Camarillo.

Tuesday’s special election clears the way for the sale of beer, wine and liquor in the city limits and that will mean some additions to the menu at “No Way Jose”.

Camarillo believed the entire city will see big benefits.

“Probably see more businesses come to Houston, after this, other restaurants might come in,” said Camarillo.

At Houston Discount Tobacco, Angela Caulder isn’t sure if the store will sell beer and light wine, but she was glad both measures were approved.

“A lot of our revenue is leaving, the city, going to Pontotoc, Tupelo, Mantee, Okolona and that’s revenue leaving here, because the adults that are the drinkers, they already live here, we’re not moving in a new element, we’re just allowing our current residents to make their purchases locally,” said Caulder.

The ordinances stated that only restaurants with professional kitchens, generating more than half of their revenue from food sales can sell alcohol, alcohol will not be sold after 10:30 p.m. and no alcohol can be sold on Sundays.

A spokesperson with the Chickasaw Development Foundation said everything should be in place by Labor Day for alcohol sales in Houston.