Busy Day For Burnsville PD And Tishomingo SO

BURNSVILLE (WCBI) – Wednesday was a bad day to break the law in Burnsville as two people wind up locked up on drug charges.   In the first case 30 year old Kelley Bryant of Burnsville was spotted shoplifting at a Burnsville store.




Burnsville Police and Tishomingo County deputies arrived to arrest her. Thats when she threw the stolen goods away and led officers to search her car where they found alleged meth and drug paraphernalia   She is charged with possession of methamphetamine and shoplifting.


The second case comes after a Burnsville man was spotted driving erratically and was stopped by police.

justin newcomb


23 year old Justin Newcomb already had outstanding warrants and a search of his car turned up drugs and additional charges of possesion of methamphetamine.


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