Prep your car for the summer heat

COL.UMBUS (WTVA) – The calendar is about to flip from May to June and the Temperature is rising, which means more people will be taking to the highway for those Summer getaways.

But summer heat and long miles can be tough on your car.

The countdown is on for Memorial Day Weekend and the unofficial start to Summer.

The first idea that comes to mind when thinking of a road trip heading to the carwash and filling up your tank.

Ken Jones, a Miller’s OK Tires manager, says to take care of existing problems first.

“You’ve got added pressure from the A/C unit, and if you’re already having a problem, it will magnify it and make it worse,” said Jones. “The longer trips are, the hotter is it. You’re going to the coast where it’s hotter than it is here, if you’re going out West where it’s hot, places like that, you definitely have to check a check on your coolant levels and keep a check on your temperature gauge. Most of them in your cars now are digital, but some still have the stick in there and it’ll show you. If you start to get red-lined, you need to slow down, pull over, find a shop, or find a place to get some water, and fill it back up. ”

If you’re running on a tight schedule and don’t have time to visit a mechanic, it’s still important to check all the bases before you get on the road.

Mississippi Department cautions drivers to check tires for tread wear and proper pressure, check their battery, make sure belts and hoses are in good shape, replace your windshield wiper blades, check all brake and head lights, make sure your air conditioning is ready for the summer heat.

Mississippi native, Nathan Bailey, says he would rather do necessary maintenance on the front end.

“Making sure that your oil is changed or if your oil hasn’t been changed how far you have along until it needs to be changed, especially if you’re making a pretty long trip like I am,” said Bailey. “Making sure your tires are rotated, still got enough tread on em. The worst thing you’d want to do is have a blow out on vacation and then you have to pay out of pocket more for that.”

Because a major repair down the road could put a serious dent in your vacation budget..

“If you have a bloated tire or if you don’t check your oil, don’t check your coolant, and run your motor hot, you could ruin your car.”

MDOT encourages you to know road conditions before leave home.

You can download their app to access real time road conditions.

Visit their website for download instructions:

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