C.S. Lewis Classic Comes To Life On The Stage In “Lion, Witch And Wardrobe


TUPELO, Miss. (WCBI) – A well known novel is being brought to the stage by the Tupelo Community Theatre.

The battle between good and evil is literally played out on the stage of the Lyric Theatre. For months now, a cast and crew of 35 have been making costumes and the elaborate winter themed set for the C.S. Lewis classic, “The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe.”

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Although the story has been retold on the big screen, radio broadcasts, television and many other forms, Director Jeff Houin says the stage version will capture the attention of all audience members.

“When you do a show, you have to assume no one has ever seen it, and tell the story as if it’s the first time they’re hearing it, with the thought also that people who have seen the show are going to look for certain things,” Houin said.

Like the familiar cast of characters, such as the four siblings, who enter the world of Narnia through an antique wardrobe and discover a land of talking animals and mythical creatures, such as the White Witch, and Aslan, the great lion, and rightful king of Narnia.

Cast members say the stage production tells the familiar tale of mistakes, sacrifice and redemption in unique ways that everyone can understand.

“I think the message is, you need to love people, even though they betray you, and they still can save you,” said Taylor Brown, who plays an evil dwarf.

“You can’t always trust everybody, but whenever you work together you can still do something great, even if you do something wrong,” said Mary Chapel Whitehead, who plays Lucy.

“Aslan symbolized Jesus, in a way, we all look up to him, and we all follow him,” said Tucker Cowsert, who plays Peter.

All cast and crew say the story is perfect for the Christmas season.

‘The Lion, Witch and Wardrobe’ runs Thursday through Saturday.

For information on showtimes and tickets, go to tct.ms or call 662 844 1935.