Caledonia High School football seniors look ahead to final year

CALEDONIA, Miss. (WCBI) —  Players are staying in shape and prepping as if the season is happening.

But for seniors, even the thought of not playing one final season is hitting them a little bit differently.

“For me personally I prefer to be in the classroom but it’s really whatever we have to do to be able to play this season,” said Loren Cox. “Because I know for most of the state they already ready canceled and stuff so it’s just whatever we have to do.”

Brandon Chrest said he wants to get back in the classroom and be around his friends.

“I’m just ready to go back to school. I’m getting bored of staying at home and I want to be around people more of my friends, more than the ones that are on the team,” said Chrest.

While these seniors dedicate hours throughout the week to perform their best on the field, they’ll be doing the same with online learning.

Even though it poses a few challenges.

“Being in front of a teacher is a lot easier to have somebody like show you how to do it,” said Ayden Coleman. “Because when you’re at home you’re just more comfortable and it’s easier to drift away so it’s harder to learn.”

“At home I don’t have Wi-Fi or internet because I live out in the country so I had to drive to my girlfriend’s house every day and it was really stressful making sure I got all my work done and turned in my grades in,” said Logan Powell.

The start of the school for Caledonia high school is set for September 1.

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