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On 05-30-13, the Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department took Marco Sebastian Suarez, 30, into custody. He is charged with one count of Enticement of a Child for Sexual Purposes.

He is the head boys’ soccer coach at Caledonia High and the school’s Spanish teacher.

On 05-23-13, Deputies were dispatched to the residence of an underage female that stated Suarez had been messaging her via Facebook and text messages. The messages went from a friendly nature to a sexually suggestive nature. The victim reported she was asked to come to Suarez’s residence, where an alleged sexual assault took place.

Detectives tell WCBI the girl was 17 and a student in Suarez’s Spanish class.

Due to Suarez’s position with the Lowndes County School System, a circuit court probable cause hearing was held on 05-30-13 and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Suarez’s bond has been set at $100,000.00 and his court date is 08-19-13.

This investigation is continuing.

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  • MOm of 7 at caledonia

    Dont they check these people out before they hire them? this is why I check my kids facebook pages everyday. You have to be proactive when it comes to your kids.

  • Patty

    My first thought was “was this some girl/girls that he would not get involved with accusing him?”. Many male school staff members have had their careers ended or damaged by such groundless accusations, but the messages – if not faked – are damning! So sorry for his family ……

  • Rita

    but why would this female report that messages from him went from friendly to a sexual nature, and still go to his house? something tells me he’s not the only one to blame.

  • Melissa

    I have seen this happen to good teachers before. I am not saying that it is untrue or truth. I refuse to jump to conclusions until I know the truth.

  • nifty info

    They do check them out, however they might have a clean record. You cant blame the school for one persons actions

  • Anonymous

    The girl did accept the offer and more than likely initiated it. She is 17 which is not far from 18. If she was 18 would this still be such an issue? I’m not excusing his actions in anyway but don’t throw stones at anyone until you actually know the people involved. No one is perfect. We all make mistakes. He can still receive forgiveness. Don’t judge.

  • Student

    Lol. You would think, but no. I really don’t think they do proper checks on them. I’m a student there and I have had three bad teachers so far.

  • Anonymous

    Mr. Suarez is a good man and a good father who happened to make a really boneheaded decision. My heart hurts for his family. My hope is that they show Sebastian a little mercy and don’t throw the book at him. If he was not a teacher, this would be a completely different scenario. Should he be held to a higher standard based on that fact alone?

  • A parent striving to train her children correctly

    This wasn’t a child. This was a 17-year-old half-woman. This case would be handled much differently if he was not a teacher. It’s unfortunate that these manipulative teenagers lure and desensitize men, effectively snaring them. They know what they’re doing. They just do not care. They can cry “victim” when crap hits the fan. Why? It goes back to their home training. A girl who purposely pursues an older, married man has very little morals and values-if any at all. If we want to call a 17 1/2 year old mini-woman a child, then her parents should be held accountable for her actions instead of her, correct?

    And this is what is wrong with today’s society. Everyone wants to point fingers and blame someone else, but no one is willing to look at themselves to see where they may have screwed up. Her parents should be ashamed of their child. The teacher should be ashamed of his actions. But listen closely: This “child” was no “victim”. As per my understanding, victims don’t pursue and initiate the situation.

  • Ed Smith

    To striving, how outlandish your comments are and you speak of morals when it seems you have none. He is a grown man a teacher who knew he was breaking the law. He also knew he was breaking his vows to his wife. He deserves to go to jail. And hopefully will reap what he sowwd while there. He is a predator plain and simple!

  • A parent striving to train her children correctly

    Ed, I’m not exactly following how he fits the definition of a predator if the situation was initiated by the “victim”. That just makes him a fool who made a ridiculously idiotic choice. However, I’m wondering if the word you were looking for is “pedophile”. If so, the age of consent in MS happens to be 16. With that said, in the circumstance, neither word could be correctly applied in reference to him, correct?

  • Student

    My thoughts exactly Rita. I was one of his students. If the messages were already getting dirty, why did she go to his house? Did she think she was going to get some cookies and have a nice chat?

  • Street King

    Are you people serious? He’s a grown man! He’s also a teacher and he chose that profession. A teacher is and SHOULD BE held to a much higher standard. If he were a police officer you people would be pushing to have him tar and feathered and paraded down main street. It does not matter that she’s 17. Being a student and he a teacher it wouldn’t matter if she were 18 by the way. Don’t make excuses for this fool. Makes no difference that she went to his house, HE WAS IN CONTROL! PERIOD. This is his mistake, his choice, and HIS consequences. The fact that some of you defend him at at is pitiful and shows exactly why no one is made to be held accountable in this world anymore. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THIS.

  • Street King

    @ a parent striving to train her children correctly….if this is your stance on this situation then your user name is an oxymoron. You’re all but blaming the KID for this situation. If this grown man is so mentally and physically weak that he can’t take control of this situation then he doesn’t need to be in a school full of children. There was no point in at any time in this situation where he didn’t have control. If she was pursuing him, he should have told her parents, his principal, his wife, etc etc etc. He is in a position of authority and knew that when he took the job. Not only should the court system not show any mercy they should enhance the penalty. I’ve seen people defend 17 year olds charged with alcohol and drug related crimes and made the comment that they were just kids and didn’t have the maturity and development to make adult decisions and should be shown leniency. Now, you make it out like because this 17 year MIGHT have pursued him, now the 17 year old is “grown” and he should be shown leniency because he has been desensitized? BS!!! I hope everyone who reads this hears me when I say, you can’t have it both ways. Either kids are grown at 16-17 or they are not. You can’t pick and choose when you want to apply the “grown” tag. Some of you are absolutely ridiculous.

  • A parent striving to train her children correctly

    If I weren’t specifically “called out”, I would not be replying-yet again. I refuse to play into name-calling and childish vernacular, and I’m not here to argue over the intricacies of a person’s opinion.

    First and foremost, “Street King”, I don’t recall saying anything about defending a 17-year-old with drug and alcohol charges. Therefore, please do not lump me in with the “you people” category.

    Secondly, “might” is an inaccurate word. We’ll just leave that assumption at the door.

    Third, you are correct. He most definitely should have reported any advantageous behavior. My husband is a teacher as well at a different high school within the area. There were quite a few female students written up over their less-than-subtle advances toward him this past year. There is no excuse for allowing the situation to continue to an inappropriate level.

    Fourth, he should-and is-paying for his apparent lack of intelligence.

    Lastly, my username is no oxymoron. I firmly stand by my opinion-which we all have a right to-that she was not only past the age of consent, but that she was also no “victim”. My username is not an oxymoron simply for the fact that my children are not being raised in an environment to think it’s “ok” to illicit that kind of behavior. Sadly, statistically, 2/3 of men and 3/4 of women will cheat on their spouses. When a person lives in a home where that statistic applies, do you really think that person has learned good morals, values, and ethics from their parents? My original question for those with such a strong differing opinion was this: If she is to be deemed a “kid” or a “child”, her parents should be held accountable for HER actions, correct? Therefore, they should be suffering the repercussions of her inexcusable behavior, no?

  • Mark McCoy

    I agree that the girl isn’t exactly a victim. She coulda stopped this altogether. BUT that also meant the teacher shoulda known better then to let it escalate like it did. Honestly I have no sympathy for any of the 2

    idc if you guys agree or disagree with this but I think the parents reported it. The student didn’t do jack squat. Read in between the lines and ull see that.

  • Concerned for his future!!

    I think she’s crying victim because she got caught by daddy, under the law here if a 17 year old com sents its not illegal, the truth will come out! This young lady should think very hard before she makes her mmove on all this, she could damage someone for life if she doesn’t tell the truth, if shewas being hounded on text messages why would she go to his house!!! Sorry, really not believable!!!

  • Jay

    Your kid has facebook accts you don’t know about.

  • Jay

    What makes them “bad” teachers? The fact that you can’t chew gum in class and you are assigned homework. Grow up! Don’t make allegations over the internet.

  • K-lo

    Are you kidding? He most certainly is the only one to blame. He is the adult. She is a minor. No matter what she might have done to encourage him, he knew better. End of story.


    I can not believe the comments posted here. This is how Jerry Sandusky and the rest of the pedophiles get away with molesting and raping children for so long. This was an immature high schooler being seduced and groomed by a fully grown, 30 yr old man who signed a contract to teach young people not to go into the school looking for a girlfriend or even a sex partner unless she was one of his “peer”. What is the different between what this pedophile and rapist did any different than those men in India that raped and killed the college student on the train? Nothing!!! Don’t destroy this young girl life!!! Don’t uphold what this fully grown 30 yr old man did!! For the women and female students who posted shameful comments here. THINK!!! This man is a predator who preys on the young and the weak. Why didn’t he pursue a relationship with someone his own age, education level? Answer: A grown mature women would have seen thru him. His sending messages to a 17 yr old underage student on FB shows his level of either immaturity or his blatantly disregard for the law. A law abiding 30yr old school teacher would have this 17 or 17 1/2 or 17 3/4 student for what she is. An under the age of consent highschool student who even IF she was the pursuer would how reported HER bad behavior to school administrators so HER behavior would be on record. That’s what a mentally sound, law abiding 30yr school educator would have done.

  • Skeptical

    Donna, your comments are off the mark, incendiary and set up the usual false equivalencies between a guy who sleeps with a 17 yo, physically mature female and someone like Sandusky who was abusing pre-pubescent kids. This teacher was not a pedo, period. And the age of consent in this state was such that absent the student-teacher relationship, there would have been nothing legally objectionable to his conduct. And comparing this guy to forcible rapists in India? Please, get a clue. You’re probably the type who objects to an older man pursuing younger women in general. Too bad millenia of human biology puts that objection to rest. The problem here was that he abused his authority, and our society defines that as inappropriate, for which he should be punished. But stop with the rest of the bull, please.

  • Jacqueline Lewis

    Thank you so much for your comment
    I absolutely agree with you. Many of these comments are a sad reflection of the stigma associated with reporting childhood sexual abuse. All of the comments blaming the high school student, asking the crime victim to share some of the responsibility. In my view the comments alone are perverted…..and evidence of the insensitivity and sense of public humiliation that children who endure childhood sexual abuse…must confront. I want all you who had something nasty to say about the high school student….. to know you should be ashamed…..Why? let me tell you adults should not ridicule children….period…what kind of person talks degrading about a child. I think many people don’t understand childhood sexual abuse and that is why the crime is so prevalent..

  • Student

    Suarez is my Spanish teacher. He is a great teacher and good man from where I see him. I mean he skipped school for his wife on valentines day just to be with her. I feel for his wife and kids but most of these comments are ridiculous!!! He isn’t a pedo. Yes he made a stupid decision. But he isn’t the only one to blame. She could have reported it from the start if he started the messaging… I think she just wants attention. Think of all the possible reasons for someone to accuse someone of this.

  • Rebecca

    I agree!

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