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CALHOUN COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Week by week, more cases of West Nile virus are being diagnosed in Mississippi.
When a mosquito, that carries West Nile Virus, bites someone, it can take weeks for symptoms to appear.  Calhoun City Mayor J.R.Denton says local leaders are doing their best to keep West Nile under control.

“Our public works department are spraying once sometimes twice a week, usually between 2 and 3 in the morning so the pesticide won’t evaporate,” said Mayor J. R. Denton of Calhoun City.

They’re not taking any chances, spraying pesticide in drainage ditches and asking residents with high grass to cut it down.

Authorities say one of the ways to protect yourself from mosquitoes and contracting the West Nile virus is to spray yourself with some repellant before leaving the house.

“We’ve encourage people that you know, around town to empty any vesicles outside that contain standing water in them,” adds Mayor Denton.

Some take the warnings very seriously, but not everyone here is overly concerned.

“Probably because nobody I know personally has been affected, I do understand that it’s of epidemic proportions at this time,” said resident Bill Bounds.

“I’ve been seeing it on TV, you know its getting out of hand, you know its coming here. I put long sleeves on and long pants and that’s about it,” said resident Boomer.

As the virus slowly spreads,  Mayor Denton says it’s your personal responsibility to to take the necessary steps to protect yourself everyday.

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