Candidates find ways to reach out to younger voters

MISSISSIPPI (WCBI) – Party primaries for county and state offices are a little less than four months away, and candidates are trying to get their messages out in the hopes that voters will turn out for them.

With the changes in how people get their information, many candidates are trying to figure out the best way to deliver those messages, especially to younger voters.

Politics is about platforms. But in today’s information age, the platform of the party may not be as important as the platform candidates use to get to the voters.

“I think voting is important because it gives people a chance to express their opinions and say what they mean and let their voice be heard,” said Spellman. “I’m so excited to vote because I want things to change.”

Every election cycle brings in the possibility of new, younger voters, and that can pose a problem for politicians – how to tailor their message to attract their attention without losing older voters.

Mississippi University for Women Political Science Professor Brian Anderson said the number of people showing up to the polls rises and falls.

“I remember 2008 there was great interest but four years later the same presidential cycle was pretty dead, so it depends on who is in the race, and it depends on what the issues are,” said Anderson.

Anderson said the most important thing is to gain their trust.

“I think all Americans of all ages want a more genuine connection with people that they want to trust to represent them,” said Anderson.

Corvoryea Spellman said most of his friends discuss their issues on social media instead of through the polls.

“I feel like our age wants their voice heard but instead of voting they go to Facebook or social media to post it but I feel like we should get out and vote more,” said Spellman.

So, it may come as no surprise that that’s where office seekers are taking their messages too.

Senior Campaign Strategist Ben Needham said going to the people is the best way to get the word out.

“I am a firm believer that you have to meet voters where they are and the truth of the matter is that our young voters are on Tik Tok and they are on Instagram and snap chat and you have to be communicating messages on those channels to influence those voters out there so you have to meet them where they are and you have to have that conversation on social media is a huge impact on educating youth and turning them out to vote,” said Needham.

If you are interested in voting, you can always call your county’s circuit clerk’s office for more information.

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