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Otis Latham

LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)-Deputies say they caught him red handed. 41 year-old Otis Latham was arrested Monday after Lowndes County Deputies received a call from a resident. The resident says Latham was breaking into his car when he came outside. The unidentified victim held Latham until authorities arrived and arrested him. Latham is believed to be responsible for three prior car burglaries in June as well. He is charged with four counts of Burglary and one count of Grand Larceny.

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  • michael

    i’m glad someone finally got caught , funny with all the auto break ins and house robberies nothing is said in the media till this happens. it would be nice if you told what he was driving .being there are several vehicles people have been watching on local watch sites and one was even caught on video tape with the guy breaking into cars. to know this may have been one that was being spotted by people would be nice.

  • Jon Canfield

    He is lucky to be alive.

  • Jer

    This man has been harassing and taking advantage of kind-hearted people all over our community. He has been panhandling just about every parking lot in Columbus for a while. At-a-boy to the car owner and Lowndes County Sheriff’s Department for removing him from our streets!

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