Caught on camera


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- Neighborhood watch associations are nothing new. But people who live one particular Starkville neighborhood are taking it to a new level.

They’re using social media to keep their families and their neighbors safe.

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Home owners and other neighbors in this community have also installed an extra set of eyes for safety.

“We put our security system for our house in immediately and then about six to eight months ago we got our doorbell, which is a video camera as well and it can view different areas around our house and also pick up sound,” said Starkville resident, Sarah Benko.

“I think the most important thing is just to have them prepared,” said Starkville Lt., Tom Roberson.

Roberson is a Starkville police officer who also lives in this neighborhood.

“You know anybody that’s prepared for a scenario or maybe you know just as when we were kids we’re taught how to respond to our fire alarm or anything else,” Roberson continued.

One way neighbors can respond is through their private Facebook group.

There they share information about everything from contractors to crime prevention.

“Shortly after we moved here a neighbor invited me to join the Facebook page, and I was thrilled because it allowed me to meet the new neighbors, and also learn, you know if I needed something for my house as well as safety,” said Benko.

These cameras also help to keep an eye on their kids.

“I mean it feels great. I mean it’s great to know your neighbors. I think nothing but beneficial when you can share life with them and know that they, they want your best intentions and you know they want to put their best foot forward for you and for your family,” said Starkville resident, Shelley Highfield.