Changes in housing market could be trending for new year

When it comes to buying a home Kraker suggests a few tips. Find a local lender, ask for references, and be patient.

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – Changes in the housing market could be trending in the coming year.

That has some Realtors hitting the record button and hopping on social media to share what’s happening here in the Golden Triangle with potential home buyers.

WCBI  took a deep dive to learn about these expected changes in the market and how social media is influencing your next purchase.

Local Realtor and social media influencer Rebecca Kraker took WCBI inside her home to learn more about the forecast for the housing market and to see how social media connects potential buyers.

Rebecca Kraker would know how uploading to social media can gain a following and information.

“I feel like sharing some things that are professional can also be fun so people can go on my page and watch the fun things I am doing, the interesting things that I am doing, and also refer me that way because they feel like they know me a little bit better,” Kraker said.

The local realtor said some welcome changes could be coming to the housing market in the upcoming year.

“Well it’s perceived that in 2024 the interest rates will drop a little bit we are just not sure how much they will drop,” Kraker said.

While a rate decrease may sound better for your budget, it’s likely to lead to stiff competition for limited inventory.

“The only problem with that is the people who have been waiting all fall to buy a house when the interest rates drop now the housing market is going to be where the houses are raised in prices a little bit and your buyer pool is going to increase,” Kraker said.

When it comes to buying a home Kraker suggested a few tips. Find a local lender, ask for references, and be patient.

While social media is helpful it’s important to research and know your area.

“If you are in the real estate market looking to buy or purchase it’s really important to do your homework but you can’t get everything from the worldwide web or the big news stations because the Golden Triangle is so different,” Kraker said.

Buying a home is exciting and it is never a bad idea to get help from a professional.

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