Video: Chaucer Lives In Vernon Alabama

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VERNON, Ala. (WCBI) — Characters from the middle ages come alive at Lamar County High School in Vernon, Alabama.

Geoffrey Chaucer, the father of English Literature, continues inspiring generations of young and old more than 600 years later.

Thursday, the sights and sounds of the 1300s come alive at this Alabama high school. And while the performance has become a Halloween tradition at the school, this unique study of Chaucer has become a lesson in life and academics.

“I’m Alice. I’ve been married five times and I’m looking for husband number six,” said Palley Johnson, Wife Of Bath.

“And I’m playing the pardoner, which is the worst person on the trip. I sell fake relics and tell the best stories though,” said Corey Bradford, Pardoner.

The language which is not spoken today is from a distant time, these students were able to master the speech of Chaucer’s day after their English Lit studies.

Teacher Ernestine Chandler takes the fun beyond just English lit. By delving into the characters’ lives, the students get to see how modern day society has some of the same issues. And having researched the characters from Canterbury Tales, these educated actors allow the characters to live again.

“I’m playing the squire. I’m the youngest on the trip, the Knight’s son. I’m very talented and I’m a lady’s man,”said Dallas Cockerham, Squire.

“I’m the Priorist and actually to tell you the truth, I’m not as holy as I look,” said Nia Blanchard, Prorist.

“I’m The Skipper, I have no conscience. I make my prisoners walk the plank and I sell wine,” said Corey Funderburk, Skipper.

This is the 9th year that students at Lamar County High School have dressed up in honor of Chaucer’s contributions.

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