Chickasaw County officials are prepared for what Hurricane Ida could bring to the table

Hurricane Ida got residents in the area prepared for the worst

CHICKASAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Hurricane Ida got residents in the area prepared for the worst.

The Chickasaw County EMA director and fire chief agree that they did their best to over-prepare for what Hurricane Ida would do. While there was no damage or flooding, during the day, they still want to keep their community safe. If damage does occur around someone’s home; it is okay to go observe the scene, but people are encouraged to wait for the pros to come in to take care of things.

“Power lines could be in those trees it makes it dangerous. Don’t just run and start trying to get the tree up as soon as you see it down; make sure there is no power line especially after dark because they’re hard to see,” said Chickasaw County EMA director Linda Griffin.

Griffin and Houston Fire Chief Jonathan Blankenship said they got an early start getting some of their equipment and vehicles up and running.

“We wanted to make sure all of our trucks were actually topped off with fuel all of our small engines; chainsaws, engines were topped off with fuel,” said Blankenship.

Getting that fuel early frees up gas stations for those that are evacuating, and as for those that are traveling in the inclement weather after dark.

“You don’t know how much damage is under that road or if the cover is still there and you don’t really know what you’re driving in,” said Griffin.

If things take a turn for the worst the two entities have a plan in place.

“There are some shelters that would open up in the event through emergency management that some churches and things like that but they would have those open if we started having flooding such as that,” said Blankenship.

If you or someone you know have seen any damage or flooding in your area. You’re encouraged to reach out to your local law enforcement or ema department

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