‘Disappointment and frustration’: Seniors react to cancellation of traditional graduation ceremony

ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) –  Seniors at Choctaw County High School took to the streets of Ackerman with signs in hand, upset they won’t be having traditional graduation.

Disappointment and frustration.

“They are having a drive-through graduation,” said senior Allie Morris. “That is like going to McDonald’s when you can go to a five-star restaurant.”

Those were some of the emotions expressed by Choctaw County High School seniors Wednesday morning.

A letter sent out to the seniors on April 29 by the high school, announced the school’s graduation plans in the midst of COVID-19.

The announcement was something senior Devaugh Miller was torn up about.

“Graduation is supposed to be a time where all the seniors come together and because it’s your last day together you’re supposed to experience that last year together and the graduation they’re giving us is not,” he said.

According to the letter, rules for the drive-through ceremony included:

  • One vehicle per family.
  • Each graduate must pull up to the front of the building and walk up the stairs to get their diploma.
  • The entire ceremony will also be streamed on Facebook and on the local radio.

But to some seniors, there was a better alternative.

“I feel like that’s not fair for us because we have the venue, we have the location, everything is in place they are just not ready to make that choice in order to give us the correct graduation,” said senior Jasmine Woods. “It’s not fair. It feels like we are not together and I just don’t like it.”

“In all honesty, there’s enough room on the football field even to just space us out for the guidelines,” added Morris.

In an off-camera interview, superintendent Glenn Beard of Choctaw School District said if Governor Tate Reeves does increase the number of people allowed in one area, they will consider having normal graduation.

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