Choctaw County residents welcome new electronic voting system

CHOCTAW COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) – Voters in Choctaw County noticed a change in procedure as they headed to the polls.

The county recently moved forward with a new electronic ballot system.

“Voting Works” started as a trial run in June of 2019. Now, the new machines are county-wide, and they’re received mostly positive feedback.

“I love it,” said voter Linda Tullos.

That was the general response when voters at the Choctaw County Community Center were asked about the new system.

For many, this was their third time using the program.

“Poll workers love them. They’re much easier to manage. They’re, as you saw, they’re in cases that are like little briefcases that just open up. Everything is there. It’s quick and easy,” said district 5 election commissioner Wayne McLeod.

The convenience was key, but voters also appreciated that the process was much more private.

“It gives a secure paper ballot to the people so they can see who they voted for,” said McLeod.

“That way you know your votes are actually cast as you predicted you wanted them to be,” said voter Joseph C. Cobb.

According to a recent poll by, only 1/3 of Americans feel like their vote is counted accurately.

Voting Works is a non-profit organization hoping to change this mind-set.

“They were looking for a place that would work with them and was interested in being a part of something from the ground up. So, we feel very fortunate to have been able to be a part of it, and we feel like it’s a very, very sound effective system,” said McLeod.

Even with technological advances, some voters like to take care of things the old fashion way.

“I like hand-written votes… There’s too much change going on now,” said Cobb.

One thing voters can agree on — the importance of having your voice heard.

“Those that complain really have no right to complain because they didn’t voice their vote through voting, and they need to know that it’s that important to get out and make the effort to vote,” said Tullos.

“My heritage goes back to the beginning of this country during the revolution and everything else, and if you want to be an American, you should partake. The first amendment says you have free speech,” said Cobb.

For more information on Voting Works, click here.

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