Christmas Tree Shopping

AMORY, Miss. (WCBI)-A major part of Christmas decorating is the tree.

Selecting the perfect tree is important.

The Worthey Tree farm has been providing holiday spirit to their customers for years.

Co-Owner Lowell Worthey, says he loves to see the families coming to the farm…

“You know, I love to see the children coming out with their parents and grandparents so it’s all about traditions, I believe in this business, you know, I just love for everybody to come out and enjoy themselves and just kind of spend time together,” Worthey said.

Lowell says there is nothing like bringing a real tree home for the holidays.

“A real Christmas tree you know, has a smell. That’s what the first thing everybody always kind of associate with a tree. But like I said, it’s kind of part of the tradition that you come out to the farm, spend time with your family, your children, and you get that tree,” Worthey said.

The family owned farm has been open for nine years and over those years they have seen  The Walters come here each year to find that perfect tree.

“It took a while. I walked all over this field. I don’t know how many acres it is. But there’s beautiful trees, and it just you know you want the perfect tree for your home,” Walters said.

They tried a fake tree one year and they say it did not go over well with the family.

“We tried it one year, about 5,6,7 years ago, and our kids got all upset my didn’t smell like a real tree didn’t look like a real tree,” Walters said.

With a little under a month Until Christmas families are still looking for that perfect tree like the one here beside me You have Until the 20th to come and find that tree at Worthey Farms

The farm also offers many different activities for the family a gift shop, sleigh ride, and a lot of games.

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