City, campus officials celebrate new pathway connecting MSU to Starkville

STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) – A ribbon cutting was held in Starkville between city and campus officials celebrating the opening of a new connective pedestrian walkway.

This is part of a joint project between Mississippi State and the city of Starkville to better connect Mississippi State to Starkville for pedestrians and bikers.

The transportation commissioner for the Northern District John Caldwell said that this project has been a collaborative effort three years in the making.

“These kinds of projects are federal state and local government coming together and when you bring in the university and the engineers here that’ve designed this project it just becomes instant success,” said Transportation Commissioner John Caldwell.

“This is part of a larger plan of connectivity between the University and the city it’s just another part of our great master plan for bringing Mississippi State Community with the city of Starkville more closely together and it’s just a wonderful day,” said MSU President Mark Keenum.

The people involved hope to continue connecting the city and the campus so that the community around the Starkville area can continue to grow.

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