City Council wants to improve Propst Park, still questions about financing

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The Columbus City Council remains committed to improvements at Propst Park, but there are still questions about how to pay for those.

Council members have been reviewing the latest bids for modernization efforts for the park.

After the first series of bids came in higher than expected, the Council put the project out for a re-bid.

With those latest bids, the price tag is around $3.4 million.

The city only has about $1.4 million on hand.

At a work session Thursday Mayor Keith Gaskin, the Council, Recreation Director Greg Lewis, and Chief Financial Officer Jim Brigham discussed options for securing the remaining $2 million.

One option is to take out a loan in anticipation of money coming in from the city’s share of the 2% restaurant tax.

The Mayor urged caution until the Legislature decided whether it will grant the city’s request for a 10-year extension on that tax.

The CFO also reminded Council members that there are other major projects coming that may require borrowing money.

No action was taken.

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