City leaders and Community members come together to pray

LOUISVILLE, Miss. (WCBI) -Ask many grandfathers in the South to help you solve and problem and they’ll tell you to pray about it.

That’s exactly what happened this morning in Louisville.

Louisville went from scenes of a horrific deadly shooting just weeks ago to a prayer circle.

On the heels of the convenience store shooting and other violence, city leaders called on men in the area to worship and help find a solution.

“Just to see these men who look hungry to do the work in our community because you got so many young men falling by the waist side and it’s going to take men to help these young men to realize their value,” said McIntosh.

Anthony McIntosh says the best way to prevent a bad decision is to love your neighbor and help each child see their potential.

“We should be a loving community we don’t want this violence going on in our community. These are our children. Even though we might not have birthed them but they are still our children so thank God for the opportunity to stand with these men this morning and to have such great camaraderie. so its a blessing and we’ve got to start somewhere,” said McIntosh.

Guest Speaker Sammy Shumaker says it hurts him to see the pain that a community goes through.

That’s why he’s turning to prayer.

“Just seeing the different tragedies that the community of Louisville has suffered because of the decisions that people have made so it just burns my heart for people to see that cause I hate to see families suffer and young people suffer because we know that there’s an opportunity for them to do better,” said Shumaker.

Louisville Mayor Will Hill says he was drawn to Shumaker and his plan to reach others. That plan drew about 300 men to the Louisville Coliseum on Wednesday morning.

“I am overwhelmed and humbled by the turnout. The turn of the concern and just taking the time to be here was quite touching,” said Mayor Hill.

“Now They have the tools and the information and it’s a simple thing to just do it now,” said Shumaker.

Prayer meetings are planned in schools and in other area towns.

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