City leaders explore options to take care of garbage issues

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Customer dissatisfaction has been piling up along with the garbage in Columbus. And that has city leaders exploring options.

The city is preparing to move forward with putting out Requests for Proposals, or RFPs, for companies interested in taking over garbage collection.

Columbus has contracted with Golden Triangle Waste Services for several years for twice-weekly pick-up, but for the past several months GTWS has been dealing with equipment and staffing issues and has struggled to meet that schedule.

Golden Triangle has had staff working longer hours and the landfill has extended its hours, but some residents are getting only once-a-week pick-up, and others have complained about going weeks with no service.

RFPs are just the beginning of the process. Proposals will have to be collected, reviewed, and terms negotiated before a new contractor could be chosen.

“It’s not going to be an overnight fix. From the time we go through the process, and then, if we vote to hire somebody else, and how quickly they can be in the process. So, unfortunately, the trash pickup is, you know, there’s not a quick fix to it,” said Mayor Keith Gaskin.

The city’s contract with GTWS runs out this fall.

For its part, Golden Triangle said they may have new trucks by Spring.

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