City Leaders Look To Create A New Multi-Million Dollar Sports Complex


STARKVILLE, Miss. (WCBI)- A new multi-million dollar sports complex could soon be on its way to Starkville.

On Tuesday, city leaders passed a resolution asking the legislature for a $1 million bond appropriation to help fund the project.

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The new proposed sports complex will be at the current Cornerstone Park which sits on the southwest corner of Highways 12 and 25.

Mayor Lynn Spruill said the plan is to create a new park including softball and baseball fields.

The park will be used to host tournaments and will also be used for recreational usage as well.

Mayor Spruill estimates the project will cost anywhere from $20-25 million.

If everything comes to fruition, Spruill said the proposed park could be a big revenue generator for the city of Starkville.

“There’s like 140 something acres out there that we can use, and I think there’s a little bit more that we can draw on if we want to expand it at some point and time,” said Mayor Spruill. “There’s nothing right there because as an industrial park it never really fit. It’s a little bit low lined, it didn’t have adequate power, so this is a perfect use for an economic development driver that isn’t an industrial park, but it still creates economic activity and energy and excitement in the community.”

Along with the bond appropriation, city leaders are also asking the state legislature to allow them to add an extra 1% tax increase to its current restaurant and hotel tax, which currently sits at 2%.

That money will go towards making improvements to all other parks throughout the city.

If that gets approved, an election will then take place allowing residents to vote on whether they want the 1% restaurant and hotel tax increase to take effect.

Spruill hopes residents will be able to vote on the tax increase by the middle of next year, and hopes to see activity beginning on the new park within the following year.