City of Columbus to receive its latest payment from tourism tax

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The City of Columbus will be receiving its latest payment from the 2% tourism tax.

A total of over $200,000 was collected from the tourism tax and will be split between different entities.

The city’s share comes to a little over $33,000.

The additional tax on prepared food and hotel stays helps pay for Economic development and growth in Columbus and Lowndes County. It also funds activities that keep travelers coming back for more.

Lowndes County Board of Supervisors President, Trip Hairston said the money is split among the City of Columbus, Lowndes County, Golden Triangle Development Link, and the Columbus Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Just over $20,000 of that is going to the LINK.

“You know it’s not necessarily a payment or reimbursement for them for bringing industry to the county. It is able to help enhance and bring industry to the county,” Hairston said.

Columbus City Councilman, Stephen Jones said the money people spent on dining and lodging helps the city, which received over $33,000, to continue growing.

“If you don’t have money then you can’t grow. so definitely the money. We encourage people to buy local and eat local so that money does stay in the city,” Jones said.

Jones said the money from the tax has gone back into parks and recreation.

“That is what paying for the Bond that we did on Propst Park and a lot of other city parks, so the money that is used from that will pay for this bond,” Jones said.

Lowndes County collected $25,000 from the tax.

Hairston said the money helps lay the groundwork for future development.

“That was a $12 million price tag on that sports plex but we financed it for 10 years knowing we would get that $300,000 every year and it helps us service that note,” Hairston said.

The Columbus Visitor’s Bureau received over $128,000 in tourism taxes.

City officials approved the payment of the tax in Tuesday night’s city council meeting.

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