Clay County Circuit Clerk’s Office prepping for Tuesday’s special election

CLAY COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI) —  Voting will look much different this year because of COVID-19

And with the Mississippi Legislative Special Election set to take place in Clay County Tuesday, many safety measures have been put in place to keep voters safe.

“We are going to have a table set up at each door with his sanitizers gloves and mask available,” said Clay County Circuit Clerk Kim Brown Hood. “We are requesting that everyone wears a mask. Each pole worker will have a face shield to wear and on the tables we have Plexiglas set up where the voters will come up and get their cards and all.”

Hood is urging voters to wear face masks.

But if they refuse?

“We are going to ask the other voters to wait until that particular person votes and then let them vote and leave, and then we will let other voters in,” said Hood.

Clay County Election Commissioner Linda Ivy said this year’s elections are new to everyone and she hopes voters will be patient.

“We are asking that everybody be patient with us we might allow two or three people in a precinct,” said Ivy. “Then it will give us a chance to wash it down clean it – then the next three will come back in.”

Curbside voting will also be available to senior citizens.

“The machine will be brought out to them. The precinct will be shut down at that time because we only have one polling book,” said Ivy. “So then after that they finish voting then the precinct will be able to vote again.”

If you haven’t registered to vote for the general election, the deadline is October 5. Click here for more information.

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