Clay Road Sign Project

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WEST POINT, Miss.(WCBI)–Clay County’s re-striping project for it’s State Aide Road construction is nearly finished.

Scattered throughout Clay County are double the amount of road signs at various locations. The state is doing the job of putting up new signs.

“They’ll come back, the state aide highway department, road department will take those signs up, bring them to the District Two County Shed. And the other boys county sheds and we’ll get to reuse these very signs and other posts that they take down,” said Supervisor Luke Lummus/Clay County.

When the re-striping project is completed, there is a cost savings to the county and safety for motorists, especially the elderly that drive these roads.

“And not only that in our center lines. We’ve got the little old yellow deliniation you’ll see. So if the sign, whenever our state aide striping does fade some, the little old yellow delineations is still there. When it rains bad and its still a great safety factor,” said Luke Lummus.

Motorists seeing the two signs in one location were confused and began asking questions according to Lummus. While one sign is older and needs to be replaced, the other…..sometimes slightly higher is the newer sign.

“Whether it be a stop sign, a caution, or railroad marker. Speed limit signs. If its a sign on that state aide highway department out there, they are going to replace it, but we get to use the old ones they’ll bring them to us,” said Luke Lummus.

The last re-striping project was 8 years ago, 60 to seventy road signs with posts were given to the county.

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