CMS Cheer team posts video on TikTok that racks up nearly 20M views

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – The next viral video you see may have some local flavor.

The Columbus Middle School Cheer team’s answer to a TikTok challenge and its follow-up videos have received millions of views.

The next time you scroll through TikTok you may see some familiar faces.

The Columbus Middle School Cheer team participated in a TikTok cheer challenge, and now that video has gone viral.

Columbus Middle School Cheer Coach Ashley Hill said it all started two years ago with 200,000 views.

Now they are close to 20 million.

“About 2 years ago we went viral with about 200 thousand but when we made this cheer this cheer was actually a cheer challenge we had 4 point 4 million likes and the view with 19 million we were all just shocked,” said Hill.

And while the numbers continue to increase on the page, some of the members are still shocked by the outcome.

“I didn’t think we were going to make it as far as we did and be that big,” said Murray.

But Hill always knew they had star power and she has always had faith in her girls.

“I had high goals for them and we set the bar high and we they realize anything they think they can do we can master it. It was a good thing just to see all the different likes and other countries saying ‘I want to go to that school’ just because of that cheer. It was a big accomplishment for all of us,” said Hill.

Cheer Captain Tamiya Baldwin said she is thankful for the support from people across the country and even around the world.

“It’s great knowing we have support not just from our school but from everybody,” said Baldwin.

While this group is filled with laughter and fun, Hill said they can’t pick up their pom poms if their school work isn’t turned in.

“We teach them to be a student first. I tell the girls all the time that cheerleading is second and being a student is first. Always make sure your grades are up all of them know that grades are very important,” said Hill.

And as the girls continue to make their videos, Hill said it’s all about preparing them for the future.

“That’s our goal for their foundation to be strong, so when they get to the high school and elevate to that level then they will have the tools that they need in order to be successful in high school as well as college,” said Hill.

The team was invited by the TikTok team to go to Atlanta Georgia for a National Cheer Competition.

If you would like to help support the girls on their next journey, you can contact the Columbus Middle school for guidance.

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