A “cold one” may be just around the corner in Houston


HOUSTON, Miss. (WCBI) – Voters in Houston headed to the polls Tuesday to decide the future of alcohol sales in the city.

At issue were two questions: Whether to allow alcohol sales, and which forms would be allowed.

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There were separate votes; one for beer and light wine and one for liquor.

Economic developers and some business owners have organized to get the issue before voters in the hopes of bringing more visitors to the town and more business into restaurants.

And it looks like if you want to get a “cold one” in Houston, you may soon be in luck.

Unofficial vote totals indicated that Houston will soon be going “wet”.

Both measures passed by fairly wide margins.

Mayor Stacey Parker said no matter the outcome, he’s proud of how his neighbors carried out the process.

You didn’t see a divisiveness and a division. You saw a return back to what people wanted that was asking for it. And, evidently, they showed up and made a voice for themselves based off the vote.”

City leaders will have to finalize an ordinance out-lining regulations for sale.