Columbus, Ackerman mayors prep for Halloween weekend

COLUMBUS, ACKERMAN, Miss. (WCBI) —  With halloween just days away, towns are encouraging people to be cautious when out trick-or-treating because of covid 19.

“We are discouraging door-to-door, but if parents still want to go door-to-door that’s fine,” said Columbus Mayor Robert Smith. “We just ask you practice safety if you go door-to-door.”

As COVID cases have steadily climbed across the state in recent weeks, Smith believes more precautions should be taken.

“We just ask that you practice safety, social distance and wear your mask,” said Smith.

Smith said the city is providing trick-or-treaters with a safer alternative, a Trunk or Treat Drive Thru on Saturday at Propst Park from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m.

trunk or treat columbus

In Ackerman, with COVID cases some of the lowest in the state. Mayor Tim Cutts said there are no changes to Halloween rules this year.

But wants residents to remain vigilant and safe while trick-or-treating.

“The town of Ackerman will have the same thing that we done before,” said Cutts. “We will have kids come out in probably a steady stream, come out between about four and 8 o’clock, and if their light is on at the house you are welcomed to go out there and knock on the door and have that trick-or-treat event.”

208 positive cases and six deaths have been recorded for Choctaw County. Cutts credits the community for all doing their part in keeping each other safe.

In fact, this past weekend the town hosted a trunk or treat event, something Donna McKay, Executive Director for the Choctaw County Chamber of Commerce said was a huge turnout.

“We had around 300 children that came through,” she said. “All the little kids in their costumes, that type of thing. I mean we had cars lined up everywhere.”

In Columbus, there is city-wide mask ordinance, but in Ackerman, there is not a mask ordinance.

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