Columbus brings Juneteenth awareness to younger generations

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – With Juneteenth approaching soon, the city of Columbus took time to celebrate the holiday at Sim Scott Park.

Juneteenth is the holiday celebrating the end of slavery in the united states.

The city of Columbus celebrated the 27th annual Juneteenth Festival at Sim Scott Park.

It was filled with live entertainment, local vendors and food trucks.

There were also youth volunteers helping out.

Yolanda Pruitt is a mentor for the youth.

She said it’s important for younger generations to know what Juneteenth is all about.

“Juneteenth is all about awareness, raising awareness,” Pruitt said. “Especially when you are looking at the generations now. They really don’t know what Juneteenth is and what it means so by coming to activities such as this they’re able to learn that. They are able to learn that it’s more about the food or participating in a parade, it’s something that’s meaningful that is tied along to that.”

Pruitt said she enjoys teaching others about Black culture.

“Basically just through conversation, general conversation. Like I said, applying concepts that they experience in everyday life to what Juneteenth is and what Juneteenth means and what it means for us to be free.”

Youth volunteers, Adrianne Craddieth and Ja’quez Griffin, said that it is essential to learn and celebrate Juneteenth at a young age.

“You know from a young age being our color we always have to learn about our surroundings at an early age and when you learn about that day that we finally got free, it brings joy,” Craddieth said.”

“You don’t really see too many youth out here donating their time and just donating their time like if you have free time just come out and celebrate honestly,” Griffin said. “It’s been fun getting to experience a moment like this, it’s only like a real time thing so you just got to enjoy it while you can, honestly.”

Juneteenth will officially be on June 19.

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