Columbus Chief of Police Fred Shelton’s last week on the job

COLUMBUS, Miss – (WCBI) Columbus Police Chief is less than a week away from retirement.

But as he wraps up his tenure with CPD, Shelton took time out to reflect on his nearly 40 year career.

Chief Fred Shelton has been with the Columbus Police Department for 38 years, the last 5 of those as Chief.

Shelton says that being Chief has been a wonderful experience, he is mostly grateful for building lasting relationship here in Columbus.

“I think that Columbus has been better to me sometimes than I been to myself . But it has been a lot of dedication and a lot of hard work because I love this city. Police work is my passion, so when I say protect and serve I take that to heart.”

While Shelton served as police chief the department he has faced many challenges such as the global pandemic, staffing shortages, and overall lack of resources, yet he is still optimistic that the Columbus Police Department still protects and serves the community to the best of its ability.

“I just hope and pray that they get the recourses that they need, the finances that they need to get better officers and to make this city better, “said


Though facing hardships and shortages within the department, Chief Shelton says that the highlight of his career was seeing the department come together to solve an overwhelming amount of crime in one day.

“What I like about it that day our department pulled together. We actually got there and we were all working hard , we were all hot, we were all sweaty, but we all pulled together and we were able to get suspects and get them arrests that day in both of them murder cases.

After nearly 39 years of service, Chief Shelton says don’t expect to see him out of uniform long.

“And I won’t rule out that it might be possible that some day in the future not the near future that I might put a uniform on some where again.”

Chief Shelton was recognized today by Congressman Trent Kelly for his years of service.

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