Columbus city council voted to keep the local mask ordinance


COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – By a slim margin, the Columbus city council votes to keep a mask ordinance in place.

City leaders discussed the issue this morning at a special called meeting.

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The ordinance also allows the city to reopen the Trotter Convention Center and community centers up to the public.

Restaurants will no longer have to limit capacity or large groups from dining.

After Governor Tate Reeves lifted the state-wide mask mandate city leaders across the state, including Columbus, scrambled to figure out what steps to take next.

“The mask mandate. The council voted to keep the mask mandate in place, with some restrictions on it,” said Councilman Bill Gavin, Columbus Ward 6. “We loosed up some restrictions, of course, for obvious places like restaurants and things of this nature to allow a little more freedom for the customers. Of course, it was a close vote, three to two.”

Councilmen Charlie Box and Pierre Beard voted against the mandate.

The ordinance is in effect until further notice.