Columbus city leaders bury a time capsule, will open in 2072

Artifacts and cherished memories will be locked away for the next five decades.

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- As Columbus wraps up its bicentennial year, city leaders leave a reminder for their successors to open when the Friendly City marks its 250th anniversary.

Pictures, lottery tickets, cellphones, and coupons…

Artifacts and cherished memories to be locked away for the next five decades.

On Friday, Columbus leaders packed the steel container with memorabilia from families around the Friendly City.

” People have brought some really interesting things to put in the time capsule. They can kind of see what life was like in 2021,” Gaskin said.

And the list doesn’t stop there.

Folks are tossing in their favorite childhood toys, engagement photos—even masks and hand sanitizer to remember the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mayor Keith Gaskin says it’s important to keep this tradition going.

” I’m talking to people throughout the community through all walks of life. They find this as a way to connect to the city. That’s what you want your citizens to do–connect to the city and have an impact on the city. It is the kind of thing that brings people together. It’s something exciting and something to look forward to,” Gaskin said.

Back in October, city leaders unearthed another time capsule. It was buried in 1972 at Leigh Mall.

This time around, the treasure trove sits in the garden at Columbus City Hall.

“I think it was amazing. I never had a chance to be a part of something like this before and never buried a time capsule. I wasn’t around to see the one they dug up for October, so it is cool. I’ve never done anything like this,” said Kaelean Brownstein.

” History is something I always thought was interesting. Getting to be a part of it today, even if it’s just locally especially being an employee of the city makes it pretty cool,” said Brandon

There are nearly 40 items in the time capsule, and there will be a ceremony in 2072.

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