Columbus City Leaders vote on fees for non-profits using city facilities

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – Non-profit organizations often work with tight budgets, so renting venues for events can be difficult.

A committee of Columbus City Leaders has been working to develop a policy for how the city will handle requests and fees for non-profits that want to use city facilities.

Tuesday night, organizers of the Juneteenth Festival approached the Council with a request to use the Trotter Convention Center and Sim – Scott Park at no charge for events related to this year’s Festival.

The council approved a measure that would allow the 4 festivals that the city helps fund: Juneteenth, Market Street, 7th Avenue, and Southside Townsend Park, to use city facilities for free upon request, if there is no conflict with paid events.

“There are four festivals that, through legislation, get $15,000 a year that was appropriated through the state in an agreement between the city and the county. So, as of now, those are the only four that will be allowed to use the facilities for free,” said Mayor Keith Gaskin.

The policy for use by groups other than the festivals is still being worked out and will have to be voted on once it is finalized.

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