Columbus is hosting a job fair for the surrounding areas

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- People are struggling to make ends meet. When businesses closed a year ago, it meant unemployment for many people or reduced hours. Some people have been relying on government assistance, but that doesn’t allow for extra income.

The last year has been tough for workers and for employers, but now the city of Columbus wants local people to know about available jobs, and some people are eager for the opportunity.

“When somebody tells you you can’t do it. When someone tells you no. You have to keep that positive attitude that it can be done you are your greatest achievement,” said local job seeker Genevia Buckhaler.

Positivity is needed as people prepare for the job fair in Columbus at the Trotter Center on March 30th. Citizens like Buckhalter are eager to put their degrees to use.

“I have gotten a certificate in business marketing management from EMCC and I want to pursue my work in my degree to help me better myself on what I’m trying to achieve,” said Buckhalter.

Buckhalter said this opportunity is good for potential workers and for employers.

“It’s so important to me because I get to meet the people who are hiring on hand in person because I have a chance to talk to them. You should hire a person for attitude and not for skill because you can always teach them skills,” said Buckhalter.

Columbus director of community outreach Glenda Richardson knew people in the community needed work.

“The reason we want to have the job fair we know that there are a lot of people out of work in the city in Lowndes County and also our surrounding areas. We know that we can’t help people get housing without at least a part-time job,” said Richardson.

The job fair is open to the public and has multiple vendors who are looking for their next great employee.

“You have vendors that want to hire they are looking for people every single day. We have about 13 or 14 vendors that will be at the job fair and all of them are hiring that’s the great thing about it so if you’re looking for a job if you’re between jobs if you don’t like where you are then this is an opportunity to come out and meet some new vendors,” said Richardson.

Though many are receiving government assistance. Richardson encourages those who struggled before to take advantage of the job fair to keep consistent revenue.

“People are receiving their tax refund checks some of them have gotten their stimulus checks, but those things are not going to last and once they’re gone away then a lot of people are going to be back in the same predicament so why not go ahead and try and get a job now and just add to what you already have,” said Richardson.

Richardson said that vendors are still able to join in the job fair as late as 8 a.m.Tuesday morning and is hopeful for a great turnout. The job fair is Tuesday from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m., hosted by the city of Columbus at the Trotter Convention Center.


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