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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – While gun control is being highly debated throughout the country, the Columbus Police Department held its first “Gun Buyback program” to help keep guns off the streets.

And while it’s unclear whether the program kept any weapons out of the hands of bad guys, it did go through the allocated $10,000 in less than four hours, forcing the police department to shut down today’s schedule more than two hours early and cancel buy backs scheduled for Tuesday and Wednesday.

“We’re out, we’re done, we’re out of money and unless we get more money from the city, we’re done for now,” Police Department spokesperson Glenda Buckhalter said Monday afternoon.

It’s a program that’s being used by law enforcement agencies around the nation. Supporters say this is better than simply throwing their old guns away.

The program is designed to reduce the number of illegal firearms on the streets as well as deter thieves from burglarizing homes in search of guns. One participant says he supports the program 100 percent.

“I’ve got some old guns that I need to just dispose of. This is an opportunity to do that rather than just throw them away,” said one participant.

“I think if you’re going to own a firearm, you need to be committed to having the appropriate training. You need to be able to operate it safely and you need to be able to secure it in its environment. For those folks who aren’t willing to do that I believe this is a great option,” he continued.

Cash offers for guns ranged from $10 to $300 depending on the firearm. Other locations included Sim Scott Park, the East Columbus Gym, and the Townsend Park.

Rifles and shotguns, which were traded for $200 in cash, were popular items.

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    ????,,,, house broken into about 10 years ago and 7 guns were taken and to date, none have been recovered, My ? is after watching tonight news is ,, are the police gone run SER # for stolen guns and return them to the owner before the destory them..

  • Steve

    The buyback was a failure, The true turnout was people selling old, Broken and cheap rifles.Personally being there, I found it to be a great opportunity to buy and trade firearms after they ran out of money.

  • Brent dixon

    I think it is crazy you better keep your guns , one day you or your kids may need them to protect themselves or family or hey if you want to get rid of them I’ll take them I just don’t have the money to purchase them I am a US ARMY vet and have been to Iraq and Afghanistan multiplied times , and again do you really think a criminal is gana turn in there guns! They may go break into someone’s house and steal someone else’s to turn in for money ! It’s like the police are paying criminals to steal guns , just wait and watch ..

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