Columbus schools are taking Safety Precautions Before the First Day of School

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) — The Columbus Municipal School District starts tomorrow, and COVID concerns and school is a concern statewide.

Administrators with the Columbus Municipal School District say they’re taking every precaution ahead of the back to school rush.

Desks have been distanced, tables have been removed, all to make sure students have enough space to feel safe.

This year, it won’t be students moving from class to class — teachers will be moving.

“To minimize the exposure or cross-contamination,” said Kimberly Gardner, Columbus Middle School Principal. “So we are asking our teachers to come into each classroom. We have purchased them carts and hand sanitizers and gloves so the teachers will travel and not the students.”

Each morning, Garnder said the schools will require temperature checks for both the students and faculty.

“So once the students go through a temperature check and if that student’s temperature is elevated to over 100, we have safe spots known as our falcon cave,” said Gardner.

These spaces are used to isolate any potential students that are sick and to keep contact to a minimum. Franklin Academy Principal Kennetra Smith said the district is also providing teachers with face shields, masks, and gloves.

“In the event, we do have a positive case, the gloves and the mask will protect the teacher if we have to transport a student to the nurse’s office,” said Smith.

“We are doing everything in our power to keep ourselves and their children safe,” said Smith. “We are treating their children as if they are our own, and so we are doing everything in our power and CMSD and Franklin Academy to make sure that your child comes home safe.”

Both Franklin Academy and Columbus Middle School are required by the district to make every student and faculty member wear a mask.

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