Columbus Soccer Complex brings love of soccer to adults

COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI) – For five years now, the Columbus Soccer Organization has offered a soccer league to adults who never lost their love for the sport.

“It’s a passion. It’s about continuing with that passion. That’s just it. The passion keeps you going,” said Williams.

One of Colby Williams’s favorite hobbies in high school was soccer and his love for the sport is still there even years after graduation.

And at least 200 other people feel the same way.

That’s one of the reasons the Columbus Soccer Organization has an adult league for ages 19 and up to bring many people with the same passion together.

Even in the cold weather.

Director of Coaching and Special Programs Tom Velek said even though this is a spring league the weather can get pretty chilly but that’s not stopping the players.

“No look at them. Nothing is going to stop these people. If you are still playing soccer or playing the sport you love in your adult years that’s great. One thing I think that we forget about sports is we think of it as a kid’s thing. We think nine, 10, 12, 13, 14, and you kind of age out of it. But these guys behind me prove that you never have to age out of it,” said Velek.

And Velek said nothing stops you from doing something you truly love.

“That’s one of the most wonderful things about it. There are no scholarships being offered out here. This isn’t about glory days. This isn’t about getting a college scholarship. This isn’t about playing pro. This is about playing a sport that they love and being able to come out and play on Sunday afternoons and still keep doing what they love to do,” said Velek.

And as players continue playing each Sunday they also get the chance to learn new tips and tricks to add to their playbook.

“When you’re in high school it’s all about who’s the fastest and who’s the strongest but when you come out here some people are short and some people are tall. Some people are older and some people are younger. Fast people want to kick the ball by the sidelines and run as fast as they can but those slower and older people have incredible touch and great passing and they really know how to slow down the game,” said Fisher.

“I’ve seen some crazy moves out here that I keep wanting to incorporate into my skill set. I understand that they might have longer legs than me but I still get a little inspiration from it,” said Williams.

If you are interested in joining in on the fun, you can go to for more information.

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