LOWNDES COUNTY, Miss. (WCBI)- Just last week, a Starkville woman was charged for identity theft.

According to investigators, she allegedly used another person’s Social Security information and even forged a marriage license.

Financial experts work with their customers daily to protect their accounts from theft.

Your business is just that – YOUR BUSINESS.

It is so important to keep a close watch on your bank accounts and financial records.

Because, someone is always out there looking for a way in.

The word theft shouldn’t be taken lightly. This can mean someone steals your identity, Social Security number, or in this case your bank account information.

Local bankers see it all too often.

” At Cadence Bank we see around five cases a month,” said Cadence Bank Branch Manager Shelley Clark.

That adds up to around 60 bank accounts reported for identity fraud in a year.

The process to gaining your finances back begins with an affidavit.

” We will come in and dispute the charges, you have 60 days. Definitely contact your local banker and discuss any unauthorized transactions that way we can come in and dispute the charges get to closing that account out and opening a new one to mitigate any other further laws,” said Clark.

And, check your credit score if you are worried.

” Contact one of the credit bureaus, and they can put a freeze on your social. You actually, I know, the credit bureaus will allow you to have I think 3 checks per year,” said Clark.

Clark says changing passwords on a regular basis will lessen the chance for an account to get hacked.

Shredding documents can also help keep your financial records protected.

Clark suggested signing up for a mobile banking app. If you don’t receive a receipt from a vendor you’ll be able to see exactly how much is being taken out of your account.

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