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MACON, Miss. (WCBI) – From Bangor, Maine to Macon, Mississippi students of the same age need to be on the same page.

That’s the goal of the Common Core Learning Initiative.

Almost every state in the Union is on board, but moms and dads may still have a little to learn.

To compete in the global marketplace of tomorrow, education is vital today.

To that end, the Mississippi curriculum framework is being replaced with Common Core Standards and its emphasis on higher order thinking skills.

Dr. Pat Johnson-Scott is the Assistant Superintendent of Noxubee County Schools.

She explains, ” It’s the level of thinking that is required in terms of what our children have to do, and not necessarily know. So it’s going to be more task oriented. ”

P.T.O. President Felisha Price adds, ” Really 2 plus 2 is not 4 anymore. You have to have a logical explanation to how you come up with that answer.”

That sounds a little intimidating.

Noxubee County parents and teachers recently got a crash course in preparation at a conference in Meridian.

Noxubee County Schools Superintendent Dr. Kevin Jones explains, ” And that’s all they need to know is how to help, where to go for help, the don’t have to be a rocket scientist, they just need to be willing to help, and understand that this is different.”

Parent coordinators, sample items and the computerized active parent system are all in place to assist.

Parent Valerie Harris says, ” I just want to encourage relationships. The parents to build relationships with the teachers and just become actively involved with your school district to, let’s get this done. It’s a challenge, but it’s nothing that we can’t handle.”

Parents we spoke with already have high hopes.

Felisha says, ” My daughter left here going somewhere, and I was kind of skeptical about her competition, but with this common core thing kicking in with him in the 7th grade, he’ll be ready.”

And that sounds like a change for the better.

Common Core standards were implemented on the elementary school level last year, and on junior high and high school levels this year.

Evaluation of the program will begin in earnest with the 2014-2015 school year.

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