Community organizations partner to feed needy families

STARKVILLE, Miss (WCBI)- More and more families face food insecurity during the COVID-19 pandemic.

A local community organization is helping those in need. It all started as a way to bring hope to local people.

A Facebook group known as Starkville Strong supports small businesses and restaurants in Starkville. Now, members are taking their mission into the community to open food pantries to those in need.

“Folks are coming by to get some food, and I think with ultimately 7 locations with these things around town I believe it’ll make a difference,” said partner construction worker John Breazeale

Breazeale partnered with Starkville Strong in August 2020 to help build the pantries and engage with students to help students gain work techniques.

“I’ve been working with students in other projects for many years. It’s fun, and they’re entertaining. I’m entertaining, and we get some work done,” said Breazeale.

The stands are filled by volunteers and those who want to contribute to giving back to the community.

Breazeale feels that it’s a growing process people are eager to join.
“I suspect it will have a profound effect. This unit we’re standing beside has only been here for four days and just looking on the inside. I can see people are already donating, ” said Breazeale.

Food pantries have been placed in three locations thus far in Starkville with the ultimate goal of having seven when students come back from their Christmas break.

“We had good workdays with the students. Of course, the semester ended early this year, so they were gone with commitments to final exams and then going home for the Thanksgiving holiday,” said Breazeale.

That slowed the process down drastically.

“The pandemic has had challenges, especially with student groups. We’ve had to work with smaller numbers to prevent contact. I will say this, they were good about masking up when they’d come to work, and we would all go to work,” said Breazeale.

Breazeale and Starkville strong members have a good feeling that it will be a bright beginning to the New Year.

Information on remaining stands will release at a later time.

Breazeale says the public is welcome to donate any canned goods.

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