Video: Coping With Grief During The Holidays

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COLUMBUS, Miss. (WCBI)- The holidays can be a time of joy and togetherness between family and loved ones.

But, it can also bring grief and sorrow, the passing of a friend or loved one may fill the memories of those during the season.

Lowndes County Coroner Greg Merchant says we pay more attention to deaths during this time of year.

“They’re more cognizant to our memory. And we always see them in the newspaper and so forth so, it seems like we have a larger number,” says Merchant.

Pastor David Strain of Main Street Presbyterian Church says the holiday season can be bittersweet for any family.

“We occasionally see people who have to face the holiday season either with someone who’s dying or people for whom the festive season is a time of very sad memories. Maybe their grief is years old but this time of year becomes quiet raw and fresh all over again,” says Pastor Strain.

It’s a sensitive topic that many find difficult to discuss or cope with.

“Everyone responds to grief and sorrow differently and in a way that’s unique to them. Sometimes because we want to protect ourselves, we back off from others, sometimes we feel our grief is very private so we nurse it alone. Sometimes we don’t have anyone else and so beyond our own is just they way it can be, if you’re older you can already live a fairly isolated existence,” says Pastor Strain.

Pastor Strain believes the best solution to grief is the power of prayer.

“As a christian pastor, my ultimate response to people in times of grief and sorrow is to command them to the Lord Jesus and to look to him and trust him and know there’s supreme comfort there,” says Pastor Strain.

Another way to deal with grief and sadness during the holidays is to surround yourself with those that love you the most. Also, consider giving a gifts or donations to someone less fortunate in memory of your loved one.


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