Could New Hope Become A City?

NEW HOPE, Miss. (WCBI)- The New Hope Community could become a city if two-thirds of its residents vote in favor of incorporation.

A forum was held at the New Hope Community Center Monday night informing people of the pros and cons of incorporating New Hope into a town.

Because of the population drawn in the proposed borders, the community would be big enough to form a city.

Tony Hannah is a resident of New Hope who helped organize the incorporation process.

He says the meeting laid the foundation for moving forward.

“The next step for us is: we will go back and we will analyze what people have given us, the information they’ve given us tonight and we’re gonna set zones so we can see where people want to be incorporated and then some don’t want to be incorporated. So we’re gonna look at those zones, but our next move would be hiring a consultant firm to start the process of incorporation.”

The incorporation process could take three years or longer.

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